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Ин файл аз Wikimedia Commons ва дар дигар лоиҳаҳо метавонад истифода шавад. Тафсилоти ин файл саҳифаи тафсилоти файл дар зер нишон дода шудааст.

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English: Coat of Arms of Tajikistan
Українська: Герб Таджикистану
Public domain This work is not an object of copyright according to the Law of the Republic of Tajikistan No. 726 of November 13, 1998 on Copyright and Neighbouring Rights.

Article 5. Object of Copyright. General Provisions

Copyright shall not apply to ideas, methods, processes, systems, means, concepts, principles, discoveries, and facts.

Article 7. Works that are not Objects of Copyright

Shall not be objects of copyright:
  1. formal documents (laws, court decisions, other texts of legislative, administrative or judicial nature), and also their official translations;
  2. state symbols and signs (flags, coats of arms, insignia, banknotes and so on);
  3. communications concerning events and facts that have informational character;
  4. works of folk arts.

Full text of the Law: in Russian, in English.

Emblem of Tajikistan.svg

Comment – According to interstate and international compacts the Republic of Tajikistan is the legal successor of the Tajik Soviet Socialist Republic, therefore this license tag is also applicable to official symbols and formal documents of the Tajik SSR.

Warning – This license tag cannot be applied to proposed official symbols and drafts of the formal documents, which can be copyrighted.

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нусхаи феълӣ11:19, 6 Декабри 2012Акси бандангуштӣ аз нусхаи то 11:19, 6 Декабри 2012665 × 664 (156 KB)Jam123book color
17:11, 29 октябри 2012Акси бандангуштӣ аз нусхаи то 17:11, 29 октябри 2012665 × 664 (156 KB)Jam123Version 29 July 2011 is much better quality, so i took it and just applied non-gradient colors
23:08, 29 июли 2011Акси бандангуштӣ аз нусхаи то 23:08, 29 июли 2011176 × 172 (112 KB)Fry1989doesn't make them official, it's a website graphic
06:30, 29 июли 2011Акси бандангуштӣ аз нусхаи то 06:30, 29 июли 2011355 × 354 (147 KB)Leonid 2apply official gradient colors from http://www.prezident.tj/eng/nishon.htm
13:33, 6 феврали 2010Акси бандангуштӣ аз нусхаи то 13:33, 6 феврали 2010176 × 172 (112 KB)Avala"обложка книги красная."
13:20, 6 феврали 2010Акси бандангуштӣ аз нусхаи то 13:20, 6 феврали 2010176 × 172 (111 KB)Avalaapply official colours from http://www.prezident.tj/eng/nishon.htm
17:23, 8 ноябри 2007Акси бандангуштӣ аз нусхаи то 17:23, 8 ноябри 2007176 × 172 (93 KB)Avala*Description: Tajikistan Coat of Arms *Source: [http://www.tjus.org/State1.htm from Tajikistan Embassy in the U.S.] {{sl|državni grb Tadžikistana}} {{PD-TJ-exempt}} *

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