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Hi! I'm a Hungarian Wiki-editor, my name is Norbert Kiss. I would like to request a translation into Tajik. Some years ago I wrote a really short story. I decided to have this in so many languages as I could get. Now I have 104 translations. I think, in this list must the Tajik to be. Could you help me? [[:hu:User:Eino81/Novellám számiul|All the version (including English, Farsi and Russian) are here.]] I hope, you could help me. Thank you! [[:hu:User:Eino81]]
== Translation request for [[Шалом (газета)]] ==
There is also an article in Tajik Wikipedia, but not in Tajik but in Russian.
Coud you translate the article [[Шалом (газета)]] from Russian into Tajik and also into Farsi.
Thank you
Anonymous user

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