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Мавод аз Википедиа — донишномаи озод
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Шаблон:Сортировка: БҲ


Purpose and description

This Infobox enables the display of technical data on German locomotives, railbuses and other railway vehicles. It mirrors the de.wikipedia infobox "Schienenfahrzeug", enabling table fields to be instantly translated into English as they are copied across and thus simplify the transfer of data from there to en.wikipedia. Below is a list of all the parameters used, with descriptions where necessary. The equivalent German term is shown in small lettering. For similar templates see {{Infobox locomotive}} and {{Infobox train}}

Header information

Шаблон:Сортировка: БҲ
DRG Class
Class Baureihe
Designation(s) of the vehicle(s)
Colour1 Farbe1
Alternative header background colour: Enter the six-figure RGB value without a "#", otherwise it defaults to the DRG colour as per the testbox above.
Colour2 Farbe2
Alternative header text colour: Enter the six-figure RGB value without a "#", otherwise it defaults to the DRG colour as per the testbox above.
Image Abbildung
Photograph in the form Lokfoto.jpg (i.e. without statements like "image:" oder "300px")
Name Name)
Number(s) Nummerierung
Number(s) allocated to the vehicle(s)

Parameters valid for all vehicles

Manufacturer Hersteller
Year(s) of Manufacture Baujahre
Entered service Indienststellung
Retired Ausmusterung
Quantity Anzahl
Wheel arrangement not used
AAR wheel arrangement AAR wheel arrangement
Axle arrangement Achsformel or Bauart
In German Bauart is usually used for steam engines and Achsformel or Achsfolge for other vehicles.
Type Gattung
Gattung is often synonymous with Baureihe or 'class'. In this context it is a DRG locomotive type used to define the purpose, ratio of driven to total axles and the axle load. E.g. G 56.18 was a Goods train steam engine with 5 driven axles and 6 in total, with an axle load of 18 tons. Also used for railbuses and passenger coaches.
Gauge Spurweite
Top speed Höchstgeschwindigkeit
Leading wheel diameter Laufraddurchmesser vorn
Diameter of the front carrying wheels
Trailing wheel diameter Laufraddurchmesser hinten
Diameter of the rear carrying wheels
Outer carrying wheel diameter Laufraddurchmesser außen
for Garratt locomotives
Inner carrying wheel diameter Laufraddurchmesser innen
for Garratt locomotives
Carrying wheel diameter Laufraddurchmesser
Driving wheel diameter Treibraddurchmesser
Length over couplers Länge über Kupplung
Length over buffers Länge über Puffer
Height Höhe
Width Breite
Pivot pitch Drehzapfenabstand
Distance between bogie pivots or pins
Wheelbase Fester Radstand
Distance between fixed wheels
Overall wheelbase Gesamtradstand
Distance between outermost wheels
Bogie wheelbase Achstand Fahrgestelle
Distance between bogie axles
Empty weight Leermasse
Total weight of vehicle when empty
Total weight Gesamtmasse
Service weight Dienstmasse
Total weight of vehicle when ready for service e.g. with supplies on board
Adhesive weight Reibungsmasse
Weight on driving wheels
Axle load Achslast or Radsatzfahrmasse
Starting tractive effort Anfahrzugkraft
Acceleration Beschleunigung
Acceleration in m/s² (only given for railbuses)
Braking deceleration Bremsverzögerung
Braking deceleration in m/s² (only given for railbuses)
Power index Leistungskennziffer
Brakes Bremsen
Parking brake Feststellbremse
Running steps Übersetzungsstufen
for three-phase AC motors as well as mechanical/hydraulic gears
No. of traction motors Anzahl Fahrmotoren
Number of motors with model and type of construction
Drive Antrieb
Train heating Zugheizung
Locomotive brakes Lokbremse
including dynamic (rheostatic) brakes (Widerstandsbremsen) and regenerative brakes (Nutzbremsen).
Train brakes Zugbremse
Train protection Zugsicherung
Anti-skid protection Gleitschutz
Minimum curve kleinster befahrbarer Halbmesser
Smallest negotiable curve radius
Floor height Fußbodenhöhe
Duties Betriebsart
Tachometer Geschwindigkeitsmesser
Couplers Kupplungstyp
e.g. Scharfenberg
Train Control Steuerung
e.g. multi-unit control
Maximum incline Gefälle
Maximum possible negotiable incline
Features Besonderheiten
other technical features of the vehicle
Remarks Anmerkung
Footnotes etc.

Steam traction

No. of cylinders Zylinderanzahl
Cylinder bore Zylinderdurchmesser
LP cylinder bore ND-Zylinderdurchmesser
Low pressure cylinder
HP cylinder bore HD-Zylinderdurchmesser
High pressure cylinder
Piston stroke Kolbenhub
Coupled wheel diameter Kuppelraddurchmesser
Boiler Kessel
Boiler length Kessellänge
Length between the tube walls
Boiler overpressure Kesselüberdruck
No. of heating tubes Anzahl der Heizrohre
No. of smoke tubes Anzahl der Rauchrohre
Heating tube length Heizrohrlänge (Swiss = Siederohrlänge)
Grate area Rostfläche
Radiative heating area Strahlungsheizfläche
Firebox + combustion chamber
Tube heating area Rohrheizfläche
Heating tube heating area + Smoke tube heating area
Superheater area Überhitzerfläche
Evaporative heating area Verdampfungsheizfläche
Firebox heating area + combustion chamber + heating tubes + smoke tubes (total heating area)
Indicated Power Indizierte Leistung
Valve gear Steuerungsart
Cylinder pressure Zylinderdruck
Tender Tenderbauart
Service weight incl. tender Dienstmasse einschl. Tender
Tender service weight Dienstmasse Tender
Water capacity Wasser
Maximum amount of water carried
Fuel Brennstoff
Fuel type + maximum amount carried
Wheelbase incl. tender Radstand mit Tender

Diesel traction

Installed power Installierte Leistung
Tractive effort Traktionsleistung
Motor make/model Motorentyp
Make and model of motor
Motor type Motorbauart
Number of cylinders and general design of motor (e.g. 2 x V12 with exhaust gas turbocharger and charge cooling, four-stroke, water-cooled)
Nominal rpm Nenndrehzahl
Power transmission Leistungsübertragung
Hydraulic, | transmission=Mechanical, Electric
Transmission model Getriebetyp
Tank capacity Tankinhalt

Electrical traction

Electric system Stromsystem e.g. Catenary
Collection method Stromübertragung
number of pantographs
Power output (one hour) Stundenleistung
Power output (continuous) Dauerleistung
Running step switch Fahrstufenschalter

Accumulator vehicles

Traction batteries Fahrbatterie
Capacity Kapazität
Range Reichweite

Rack railway vehicles

Rack system Zahnradsystem
e.g. Abt, Strub
Cogwheel cylinder diameter ZR-Zylinderdurchmesser
Cylinder diameter of the cogwheel drive
Cogwheel piston stroke ZR-Kolbenhub
Piston stroke of the cogwheel drive
Driving cogwheels Antriebszahnräder
Braking cogwheels Bremszahnräder
Cogwheel size GrößeZahnrad
Size of the cogwheels in mm or number of teeth
Continuous brake Beharrungsbremse
Downhill brake

Coaches, wagons and railbuses

Wheel diameter Raddurchmesser
Seats Sitzplätze
Standing places Stehplätze
Doors Türen
Low-platform section Niederfluranteil
Coach class Wagenklasse
Working weight Nutzmasse

Template for copying

{{Infobox German railway vehicle








Infobox sorting

  • Class = Designation(s)
    • Colour1 = Header background colour
    • Colour2 = Header text colour
    • Image = Photo
    • Name = Caption

  • Number(s)
  • Quantity
  • Manufacturer
  • Year(s) of Manufacture
  • Entered service
  • Retired

  • Wheel arrangement
  • Axle arrangement
  • Sub-class
  • Gauge
  • Length over couplers
  • Length over buffers
  • Height
  • Width
  • Pivot pitch
  • Bogie wheelbase
  • Wheelbase
  • Overall wheelbase
  • Wheelbase incl. tender
  • Minimum curve

  • Empty weight
  • Total weight
  • Working weight
  • Service weight
  • Tender service weight
  • Adhesive weight
  • Axle load

  • Top speed
  • Indicated power
  • Installed power
  • Tractive effort
  • Hourly output
  • Continuous output
  • Starting tractive effort
  • Acceleration
  • Braking deceleration
  • Power index
  • Range
  • Capacity

  • Coupled wheel diameter
  • Driving wheel diameter
  • Leading wheel diameter
  • Trailing wheel diameter
  • Outer carrying wheel diameter
  • Inner carrying wheel diameter
  • Carrying wheel diameter
  • Wheel diameter

  • Rack system
  • Driving cogwheels
  • Braking cogwheels
  • Cogwheel size

  • Valve gear
  • No. of cylinders
  • Cylinder bore
  • LP cylinder bore
  • HP cylinder bore
  • Cogwheel cylinder bore
  • Piston stroke
  • Cogwheel piston stroke
  • Cylinder pressure
  • Boiler
  • Boiler length
  • Boiler overpressure
  • No. of heating tubes
  • No. of smoke tubes
  • Heating tube length
  • Grate area
  • Radiative heating area
  • Tube heating area
  • Superheater heating area
  • Evaporative heating area
  • Tender
  • Tender service weight
  • Water capacity
  • Fuel

  • Motor make/model = Type of motors/manufacturer's designation
  • Motor type = No. of motors (e.g. 2 x 12 cylinder V-engine, four-stroke, water-cooled with exhaust gas turbocharger
  • Nominal rpm
  • Power transmission
  • Transmission model

  • Traction batteries

  • Electric system
  • Collection method
  • No. of traction motors
  • Drive
  • Running steps
  • Running step switch

  • Brakes
  • Auxiliary brake
  • Parking brake
  • Locomotive brakes
  • Train brakes
  • Continuous brake
  • Train protection
  • Anti-skid protection
  • Train heating

  • Tachometer
  • Gear
  • Duties
  • Couplers
  • Maximum incline

  • Seats
  • Standing places
  • Doors
  • Floor height
  • Low-platform section
  • Coach classes
  • Features
  • Remarks

Header colours

The colours of the headers are either based on a well-known livery of the railway company or the state or national flag.

Wagon and train classes

Type of vehicle Colour code Appearance
Passenger train coaches
(not for railbuses)
Underground railway vehicles

German states

State Colour Appearance
Baden Class
Bavaria, Pfalz
Bavarian Class
Mecklenburg Class
Oldenburg Class
Prussian Class
Imperial Railways in Alsace-Lorraine
Alsace-Lorraine Class
Saxon Class
Württemburg Class

European countries

Country Colour Appearance
Austrian and Hungarian Railways
Austrian Class
Belgian Class
Czech, Slowakian and Czechoslovakian Railways (ČSD/ČD/ŽSR)
Czech Class
French Class
Greek Class
Dutch Class
Norwegian Class
Swedish Class
Swiss Class
Spanish Class

Other railway companies

Railway Company Colour code Appearance
London and North Eastern Railway
LNER Class
Chesapeake & Ohio Railway
C&OR Class
Milwaukee Road
MR Class
Pennsylvania Railroad
PR Class
Union Pacific Railroad
UPR Class
South African Railways (and predecessors)
SAR Class

Hints and help etc.

Please do not enter new parameters unless they are mirrored by the German template "Schienenfahrzeug". New parameters or other changes should be carried out in the following order
1. Purpose and Description, 2. Template for Copying, 3. Infobox Sorting and 4. XML-template for the template master.
To transfer a Schienenfahrzeug table from de.wikipedia to en.wikipedia
1. Copy the code into en.wikipedia, 2. Change commas to decimal points and vice-versa as necessary and 3. translate any data words as necessary. The field names themselves will automatically be translated into English. Note that Infobox Schienenfahrzeug automatically redirects to German railway vehicle.