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Family rights
LGBT rights in Foo (example)
Same-sex sexual activity legal?Legal since 2000,
age of consent equalized in 2001
(Penalty goes here if homosexuality is illegal. Otherwise, leave blank)
Gender identity/expressionTranssexual persons allowed to change legal gender
Military serviceGays and lesbians allowed to serve openly
Discrimination protectionsSexual orientation and gender identity protections (see below)
Family rights
Recognition of
Civil unions since 2004
(Laws restricting marriage to man/woman or prohibiting civil unions/domestic partnerships go here if they exist. Otherwise, leave blank)
AdoptionSame-sex couples may not adopt jointly
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{{Infobox LGBT rights}} Adds an infobox with a location map and a brief overview of a country or territory's LGBT rights.

This infobox is intended to replace {{LGBT rights}} and location maps on LGBT rights in (country) (or US state) articles. To add to an article, copy and paste the blank version below.


Note: The data below is for example purposes only and may be outdated.

{{Infobox LGBT rights
| location_header = New Zealand
| image        = LocationNewZealand.png
| caption      = New Zealand
| legal_status = Male legal since 1986<br/>([[Homosexual Law Reform Act 1986]]),<br/>female was never criminalized
| penalty      =
| gender_identity_expression = - <!--Transsexual legal issues, change of gender, etc.-->
| recognition_of_relationships = [[Civil unions in New Zealand|Civil unions since 2004]]
| recognition_of_relationships_restrictions = <!--SSM bans, etc.-->
| adoption     = Same-sex couples may not adopt jointly
| military     = Gays and lesbians allowed to serve openly
| discrimination_protections = Sexual orientation and gender identity protections ([[#Discrimination protections|see below]])


Note: Penalty (as with all fields) is optional, intended for countries where same-sex sexual activity is illegal.

{{Infobox LGBT rights
| location_header =
| image        = 
| caption      = 
| legal_status = 
| penalty      =
| gender_identity_expression =
| recognition_of_relationships = 
| recognition_of_relationships_restrictions =
| adoption     = 
| military     = 
| discrimination_protections =