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Powderfinger discography
A spiral made up of a compass, clock and the Earth, with the word Wikipedia below.
Powderfinger performing live
Studio albums 6
Live albums 2
Compilation albums 1
EPs 4
Singles 22
B-sides 15
Video albums 3
Music videos 18
Soundtracks 5
Tribute and cover albums 2

{{Infobox artist discography}} is the standard infobox for discography articles, and is within the purview of WikiProject Albums. Please discuss major changes on the talk page before making them.

This template is designed for use in discography articles within Гурӯҳ:Discographies. It displays the number of studio albums, live albums, compilation albums, singles, video releases, EPs, etc., by an artist or group.


This template should be placed in an article at the top of the page, before the introduction.

Basic usage

{{Infobox artist discography
| Artist       = [[Powderfinger]]
| Image        = Example.png
| Caption      = Powderfinger performing live
| Alt          = A spiral made up of a compass,
 clock and the Earth, with the word Wikipedia below.
| Studio       = 6
| Live         = 2
| Compilation  = 1
| Video        = 3
| Music videos = 18
| Tribute      = 2
| EP           = 4
| Singles      = 22
| B-sides      = 15
| Soundtrack   = 5

Example:(see result on right)

If you find that some of the arrows don't link to the intended sections, see Modifying section links below.



{{Infobox artist discography
| Artist       = 
| Image        = 
| Caption      = 
| Alt          = 
| Studio       = 
| Live         = 
| Compilation  = 
| Video        = 
| Music videos = 
| Tribute      = 
| EP           = 
| Singles      = 
| B-sides      = 
| Soundtrack   = 


{{Infobox artist discography
| Artist          = 
| Image           = 
| Caption         = 
| Alt             = 
| Studio          = 
| Studio link     = 
| Live            = 
| Live link       = 
| Compilation     = 
| Comp link       = 
| Internet        = 
| Internet link   = 
| Video           = 
| Video link      = 
| Music videos    = 
| MV link         = 
| EP              = 
| EPs link        = 
| Singles         = 
| Singles link    = 
| B-sides         = 
| B link          = 
| Soundtrack      = 
| Soundtrack link = 
| Tribute         = 
| Trib link       = 
| Option          = 
| Option name     = 
| Option link     = 
| Option color    = 
| 1Option         = 
| 1Option name    = 
| 1Option link    = 
| 1Option color   = 
| 2Option         = 
| 2Option name    = 
| 2Option link    = 
| 2Option color   = 
| 3Option         = 
| 3Option name    = 
| 3Option link    = 
| 3Option color   = 
| 4Option         = 
| 4Option name    = 
| 4Option link    = 
| 4Option color   = 
| 5Option         = 
| 5Option name    = 
| 5Option link    = 
| 5Option color   = 


When using the template, it is not necessary to delete any fields that are not being used. Most fields are optional; if no data is supplied, the row will simply not appear once the page is saved.


The name of the group or artist ("the act") in plain text only. Logos and other graphics are to be avoided in this field in accordance with WP:ACCESS and WP:FAIR. Use an internal link or piped internal link to the main article about the artist. For help with internal links, see the Editing FAQ. This field is mandatory.


An image of the act, sufficiently clear for display at 200 pixels' width. Set to only the image name, e.g. Example.png, not Image:Example.png or [[Image:Example.png|200px|abc]]. Images used should ideally be free images; that is, not subject to copyright restrictions. If no free image is available it may be possible to use a non-free image under a claim of fair use, provided the image meets Wikipedia's non-free content criteria (for more information see WP:NFCC and WP:NFC).


Alt text for the image, as per WP:ALT. This is for describing the image to people who cannot see the image, and typically should not be the same as the caption.


Caption for the image to be displayed. Do not link years in the caption e.g. do not link [[2007]].

Types of releases

There are individual fields for the various types of releases (studio, live, compilation, video, music videos, tribute, EP, singles, b-sides, and soundtrack). In each field place the number of each type that the artist has released. Use only numeric values in these fields. For other types of releases, see "Advanced usage" below.

Advanced usage

Modifying section links

If the discography doesn't use the titles as used in this template, you may modify the destination links (which appear as the diagonal arrow in the template) by using the following parameters to link from the infobox to the appropriate section. Unless your section is named exactly as used in this infobox, it will not map to the correct part of the page or will only link to the top of the discography page.

List of infobox parameters, with captions displayed and link names used by default
Parameter Caption displayed Default section link Parameter to alter link Caption background color
Studio Studio albums Studio albums Studio link LightSteelBlue (#B0C4DE)
Live Live albums Live albums Live link BurlyWood (#DEB887)
Compilation Compilation albums Compilation albums Comp link DarkSeaGreen (#8FBC8F)
Internet Internet albums Internet albums Internet link Beige (#F5F5DC)
Video Video albums Video albums Video link #99CCFF
Music videos Music videos Music videos MV link #FFCCFF
EP EPs EPs EPs link LightSalmon (#FFA07A)
Singles Singles Singles Singles link Khaki (#F0E68C)
B-sides B-sides B-sides B link #DADCED
Soundtrack Soundtracks Soundtracks Soundtrack link Gainsboro (#DCDCDC)
Tribute Tribute and cover albums Tributes Trib link Thistle (#D8BFD8)
Option defined in Option name defined in Option link Option link #CCCCCC, or defined in Option color
1Option defined in 1Option name defined in 1Option link 1Option link #BBBBBB, or defined in 1Option color
2Option defined in 2Option name defined in 2Option link 2Option link #CCCCCC, or defined in 2Option color
3Option defined in 3Option name defined in 3Option link 3Option link #BBBBBB, or defined in 3Option color
4Option defined in 4Option name defined in 4Option link 4Option link #CCCCCC, or defined in 4Option color
5Option defined in 5Option name defined in 5Option link 5Option link #BBBBBB, or defined in 5Option color

Optional sections

Please use these functions sparingly.

As not all musical artists are the same, some will have the need to have different sections linked in their discography, such as a collaboration section, unreleased songs or others. In order to list these options, there are four parameters instead of just two. The first two parameters, |Option= and |Option name= are mandatory if you wish to use this portion of the template. The standard color is a medium gray (see the Customised link parameter table below); however, the example on the right employs the color selection parameter, |Option color= converting the color to "turquoise". The |Option link= parameter is optional, and when unused, it uses the same information from |Option name=. However, with long titles, it may not be preferable to use the full title (as in the example, it is "Side projects", but links to "Side projects and collaborations"). You may add up to six (6) optional fields. It is advised to use these only in sequence. The basic option only requires the input as shown below. To use a second option simply add "1" in front of ALL of the parameters for the second time, "2" in front of the third, and so on.

Customised link parameter table
Infobox option parameter Parameter purpose Required?
 |Option       =  The number of instances of the option shown in the discography Mandatory
 |Option name  =  The name or type of the Option, such as "Collaborations" Mandatory
 |Option link  =  The link to the list of instances (must match a heading on page) Optional
 |Option color =  The color you wish to use for the background of the section in the infobox Optional
Fall Out Boy discography
A spiral made up of a compass, clock and the Earth, with the word Wikipedia below.
Fall Out Boy, 2007
Studio albums 5
Internet albums 7
Live albums 2
Compilation albums 2
EPs 5
Singles 27
B-sides 15
Video albums 7
Music videos 12
Soundtracks 1
Tribute and cover albums 1
Side projects 5
Demos 3
Mash-ups 2
Sample contributions 11

Example:(see result on right)

{{Infobox artist discography
| Artist          = [[Fall Out Boy]]
| Image           = Example.png
| Caption         = Fall Out Boy, 2007
| Alt             = A spiral made up of a compass,
 clock and the Earth, with the word Wikipedia below,

| Studio          = 5
| Studio link     = Albums
| Live            = 2
| Live link       = Albums
| Compilation     = 2
| Comp link       = Albums
| Internet        = 7
| Internet link   = Internet releases
| Video           = 7
| Video link      = Music videos
| Music videos    = 12
| MV link         = Videography
| EP              = 5
| EPs link        =
| Singles         = 27
| Singles link    =
| B-sides         = 15
| B link          = B-sides and other releases
| Soundtrack      = 1
| Soundtrack link =
| Tribute         = 1
| Trib link       = Other appearances

| Option          = 5
| Option name     = Side projects
| Option link     = Side projects and collaborations
| Option color    = turquoise

| 1Option         = 3
| 1Option name    = Demos
| 1Option link    = Demos
| 1Option color   =

| 2Option         = 2
| 2Option name    = Mash-ups
| 2Option link    = Mash-ups
| 2Option color   = limegreen

| 3Option         = 11
| 3Option name    = Sample contributions
| 3Option link    = Samples
| 3Option color   = orange