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The infobox may be added by pasting the template as shown below into an article. For an example, see Jack Kirby bibliography.

{{Infobox comics creator biblio
| image         = <!-- filename format only -->
| imagesize     = <!-- default 250 -->
| caption       = 
| alt           = 
| name          = 
| actstart      = 
| actend        = 
| pub1          = 
| start1        = 
| end1          = 
| pub#          = 
| start#        = 
| end#          = 
| sort          = 
| creatorcomics = 
| author        = 

Parameter notes

  • name This is the "common name" the comics creator is associated with. Usually this is also the article's title. This field is required.
  • Placing images in the infobox uses two fields:
    • image which is just the filname of the image. The template will add the markup to show the image.
      Example: image= example.jpg
    • imagesize which is the width the image will display at. The template expects this to be in the format of "Npx". If left empty, the image will default to 220px wide.
  • The caption will appear below the image. Keep it short, but indicate the original source published source of the image and the artist(s).
  • To keep in line with Wikipedia:Alternative text for images, alt needs to be updated with the "text alternative" of the image. This is not the same as the caption. It should also be kept short, but needs to be descriptive of the image.
  • actstart and actend denote the person's active period working in comics.
  • pub#, start#, and end# are used to list the publishers the person has worked for as well as the period. The template is set up to accommodate up to 6 publishers.


This infobox is designed to automatically place the article into Гурӯҳ:Lists of comics by creator.

  • sort is how the article will be sorted there.
  • creatorcomics can be set if there is a "Comics by..." category. This will place the article at the top of that category. Generally these are comics that the person either created or help to create.
  • author can be set to add bibliographies of comics writers to Гурӯҳ:Bibliographies by writer.

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