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This template can be used to create an infobox for a fictional organisation. The blank form immediately below shows the most commonly used fields, and complete instructions are listed further down the page.


{{Infobox fictional organisation
| name         = 
| image        = 
| caption      = 
| universe     = 
| headquarters = 
| leader       = 
| intentions   = 
| affiliated   = 
| enemies      = 
| appearance   = 


All parameters are optional.

Parameter Notes
name Assciation name to display in top header (default = PAGENAME)
image Image of the association
caption Caption to display below image
universe The universe in which the organisation exists, e.g "James Bond", "Harry Potter".
headquarters Headquarters of the association
leader Leader of the association
intentions Intentions of the association
affiliated Affiliated associations, organisations
enemies Enemies of the association
appearance First appearance of the association

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