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This template is designed for use on articles relating to manhua titles.

It is implemented using Template:Infobox Asian comic series.


{{Infobox manhua
| name            = 
| image           = <!-- file name format only -->
| image_size      = <!-- default 250 -->
| alt             = 
| caption         = 
| hanzi           = 
| romanized       = 
| genre           = 
| author          = 
| illustrator     = 
| publisher       = 
| publisher_en    = 
| publisher_other = 
| demographic     = <!-- Do not use Japanese terms -->
| magazine        = 
| first           = 
| firstmo         = 
| last            = 
| lastmo          = 
| volumes         = 
| chapter_list    = 
| related         = 
| content         = 
| subcat          = 
| altcat          = 
| sort            = {{PAGENAME}}
| addpubcat1      = 
| addpubcat2      = 
| addpubcat3      = 
| addpubcat4      = 
| addpubcat5      = 
| addpubcat6      = 

Parameter notes

Common elements

  • Most of the parameters are designed only to show in the infobox if something is entered. They can be left in the template and empty if the item does not pertain to the article or if the information is not known at the time the template is added.
  • The name field is an exception. If left empty the infobox will not generate a title. If the title for the infobox is the same as the title of the article, name can either be deleted or commented out. The later is preferable since the name of the article, or the preferred name of the infobox may change.
  • For multiple items in one field, separate each with <br />.
    Example: creators=Stan Lee<br />Jack Kirby
  • Placing images:
    • image which is just the filname of the image. The template will add the markup to show the image.
      Example: image= example.jpg
    • image_size which is the width the image will display at. The template will only accept a number here. If left empty or if a string (such as "225px") is entered, the image will default to 250px wide.
      • If you find the image to be too tall, reduce the size below 250px.
      • The parameter is capped at maximum width of 250. Entering values grater than this will result in the default setting being used.
      • The image will also cap at 450 in height.
    • alt needs to be updated with the "text alternative" of the image to keep in line with Wikipedia:Alternative text for images. This is not the same as the caption. It should also be kept short, but needs to be descriptive of the image.
    • caption will appear below the image. Keep it short, but indicate the original source published source of the image and the artist(s).
      Example: A comic book issue cover would be captioned as "Wolverine vol 2, #17. Art by John Byrne."

Specific elements

  • hanzi is the Chinese language title for the series.
  • romanized is the Chinese title rendered in Roman characters.
  • genre is generally not a field for keying, but a set of logical fields which relate to the major genre(s) that the title uses for its stories. The fields will also put the article into the proper categories under Гурӯҳ:Comics genres.
    If more than one genre is appropriate, adding |multigenre = y will allow for the genres to all show in the infobox, but the alphabetically first genre will need to use first to add it and not have ", " precede the text.
    The currently supported genres are listed here.
  • author lists the author or authors of the series.
  • illustrator lists artist(s) that provide the illustrations for the series. This is only used in cases where the illustrator(s) are not the same as the author(s).
  • All of the publisher fields follow a convention of including {{flagicon}} using the country of origin preceding the publisher(s).
  • publisher_en lists the publishers of English language editions of the series.
  • publisher_other lists publishers of non-English language editions of the series. This does not include the original publisher.
    • Note: The list publisher_other generates will be in a "pull down" list in the infobox, so they will not be initially visible.
  • demographic lists the target audience of the series. Since the articles using this template are not Japanese publications, please do not use Japanese terms in this field.
  • The magazine is where the series was first published. This field also follows the convention of using {{flagicon}}.
  • first and last are the years when the series started and ended (last is optional). Months associated with each year should be specified using firstmo and lastmo.
  • volumes is the number of volumes the series has been collected into.
  • chapter_list is the list section of the article, or the separate list article, detailing the collected volumes. This creates a link to that section or article. The link will show as the contents of chapter_list unless something is entered at volume.
  • related is the type(s) of other media adaptations of the series.
  • content is a list of the adaptations by title.


This infobox has been designed to automatically place articles its added to into appropriate categories under Гурӯҳ:Comics publications. To do this the following parameters are used.

  • The default categorization is to Гурӯҳ:Manhua titles.
  • subcat is used to specify a particular subcategory of Гурӯҳ:Comics publications. This can be a publisher, imprint, or nation of original publication. Please review the noted category for which subcategories exist.
  • altcat is used for cases where "titles" is not the ending of the appropriate category.
    • In most cases, subcat and altcat will add a category in addition to the default. They are both still mutually exclusive.
    • subcat and altcat can be used to over ride sorting to Гурӯҳ:Manhua titles. Currently this will be done if one of the following is set:
      • |altcat = Fung Wan
      • |subcat = Hong Kong comics
      • |subcat = Taiwanese comics
      • |subcat = Singaporean comics
  • sort is the title by which the article will be sorted in the categories placed by the template. This sorting will default to {{PAGENAME}} and will override {{DEFAULTSORT}} listings in the article. Due to markup limitations, this parameter will not recognize a leading space.
    • Please note, as per standard sorting guidelines the following character types should not be used in the sort argument:
      • non-English letters (i.e. Δ, Θ, Д, Ж, מ, ي, etc.);
      • accented English letters (i.e. Á, Ö, Ñ, etc.); or
      • symbols (i.e. ¢, ₤, $, ♥, etc.).
    • "A", "An", and "The" should be dropped from titles and most subtitles in the srot argument.
    • All words in the sort argument should be capitalized.
  • Additional categories similar to the one set by either subcat or altcat can be added with addpubcat#. Replace "#" with a number (currently the template is set up for 6 additional categories) and list the full category title. Please list the categories in publication order.
  • first will add the article to the appropriate "'Year' comic debuts" category. This category will list after the "Comics publications" categories.


{{Infobox manhua
| name            = The Ravages of Time
| image           = TheRavagesofTime-Vol16.jpg
| image_size      = <!-- default 250 -->
| caption         = Cover of ''The Ravages of Time'' volume 16
| hanzi           = 火鳳燎原
| romanized       = Huǒ fèng liáo yuán
| genre           = Historical drama, Action, Philosophical, Psychological
| author          = Chan Mou
| publisher       = {{flagicon|Hong Kong}}{{flagicon|Taiwan}} [[Tong Li Comics]]
| publisher_other = {{flagicon|Japan}} Media Factory<br>{{flagicon|Thailand}} Burapat Comics
| magazine        = {{flagicon|Hong Kong}} 新少年週刊<br>{{flagicon|Taiwan}} 新少年快報<br>{{flagicon|Japan}} Sangokushi Magazine
| first           = 2001
| firstmo         = June 15,
| volumes         = 31

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