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Converts an integer in the range -999,999 to 999,999 into a cardinal number or ordinal number in the English language.


{{Number to word|integer[|zero=zero][|adj=on][|us=on]}}

integer: Required. A natural number in the range -999,999 to 999,999.

zero: Optional. The value to use when the number is 0. Default is "zero" for cardinal numbers, "zeroth" for ordinal numbers. Can be made empty or, for example, "none", "seed" or "one before the first" as appropriate for the context.

adj: Optional. If the value is "on", the output is hyphenated.

ord: Optional. If the value is "on", the output is an ordinal number, otherwise it is a cardinal number.

us: Optional. If the value is "on", the output of numbers does not include "and" to separate hundreds from smaller values, nor to separate thousands from hundreds. This accords with American usage as described at English numerals.


{{Number to word|-999999|adj=on}}
{{Number to word|-1001|us=on}}
{{Number to word|-235|us=on|adj=on}}
{{Number to word|-100}}
{{Number to word|-30}}
{{Number to word|0|zero=not a sausage|adj=on}}
{{Number to word|30}}
{{Number to word|100}}
{{Number to word|235|us=on|adj=on}}
{{Number to word|1001}}
{{Number to word|999999|adj=on}}
{{Number to word|999999|adj=on|ord=on}}


negative one thousand one
negative one hundred
negative thirty
one hundred
one thousand and one

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