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Physical quantities ба забони тоҷикӣ ҳамчу бузургиҳои физикӣ тарҷума мешавад. Марҳамат карда исми ин саҳифаро иваз менамудед. Фарид 13:31، 13 Декабри 2009 (UTC)

Thank you for the comment. Prior to creation of this category, I cosulted this site: www.termcom.tj
The outcome is: Quntity --> миқдор, чандӣ, каммият
I then picked "каммият" out of the list.
If you believe "бузурги" is a more common translation of "quantity" in Tajiki, we can change the name.
Here are a couple of questions:
My search for "бузургиҳои физикӣ" and its variations produced not much relevant results in Google. Can you please provide some sites or sources where "бузурги" is used for "quantity"?
What is a common translation of the word "magnitude"?
Thank you, Sa'y 15:27، 13 Декабри 2009 (UTC)
Dear Say',
The word quantity in Tajik language is translated as миқдор and бузургӣ (with a hat in the top of ӣ). One could use the additional synonyms "чандӣ, каммият", however they are almost not used or used very rarely.
However, "physical quantity" is translated as "бузургии физикӣ" or "physical quantities" as "бузургиҳои физикӣ". You can refer to any physics book in Tajik language to address this translation. The fact, that Google results in nothing is because there is no physics website available in Tajik language. I am a physicist and to my knowledge there is no Physics website in Tajik language that I know. I was hoping to put first steps in this field using Wikipedia which is a free source.
The last question is in fact interesting. Magnitude is also translated as миқдор and бузургӣ. However, there are more synonyms to that. In fact, in physics and mathematics "magnitude" is translated "қимат" (with one м, and the letter қ has a tail). For example, the magnitude of the physical quantity is translated as қимати бузургии физикӣ. Фарид 00:43، 14 Декабри 2009 (UTC)
Very nice discussion! I have googled бузургиҳои физикӣ and here is what Google says. We can move this article to Гурӯҳ:Бузургиҳои физикӣ and leave redirect.--ibrahim 22:57، 14 Декабри 2009 (UTC)
Thank you for your time; I have already done all modifications.
Sa'y 23:46، 14 Декабри 2009 (UTC)