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Yep I know, you don't have the requisite number of votes (which is 2). I can leave up the request or expire it as failed? - Francis Tyers 12:40، 27 сентябри 2008 (UTC)

So, if I vote for myself, does that count? Stigmj 15:37، 27 сентябри 2008 (UTC)
No it does not count, nor do votes from people who aren't active contributors. - Francis Tyers 07:09، 29 сентябри 2008 (UTC)
Sooo.. what's the definition of an active contributor at this project then? Btw. are these rules written somewhere, so I can consult them? Stigmj 07:37، 29 сентябри 2008 (UTC)
The rules are written on the page. I suppose an active contributor might be someone who had made more than 2 edits, one of them to vote on the Bot page. There are plenty of activities that people who aren't fluent in Tajik can do, fixing images, formatting etc. - Francis Tyers 08:04، 29 сентябри 2008 (UTC)

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