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Using only UploadWizard for uploads[вироиши манбаъ]

Wikimedia Commons logo

Hello! Sorry for writing in English. It was noted that on this wiki upload is not fully functional for users, who will experience a very difficult and/or illegal uploading. In fact, the licenses/copyright tags dropdown is empty, making it hard or impossible to comply with copyright requirements during upload itself.

Presumably, you don't have interest nor energies to have hundreds templates with the now required HTML, even less a local EDP. I propose to have

so that you can avoid local maintenance and all users can have a functioning, easy upload interface in their own language. All registered users can upload on Commons and existing files will not be affected.

All this will get done around 2014-07-03.

  1. If you disagree with the proposal, just remove your wiki from the list. Remember also to create MediaWiki:Licenses locally with any content (see a simple example), or uploads will be soon disabled anyway by MediaWiki itself (starting in version 1.24wmf11).
  2. To make the UploadWizard even better, please tell your experience and ideas on commons:Commons:Upload Wizard feedback.

Nemo 13:09، 19 Июн 2014 (UTC)

AryanSogd, Farrukh, Francis Tyers, Ibrahim, Tolib, درفش کاویانی, all ok then? Nemo bis (talk) 12:40، 2 Июл 2014 (UTC)
  1. Symbol support vote.svg Мувофиқ I agree with your proposed actions --ibrahim (talk) 12:14، 3 Июл 2014 (UTC)
  2. Symbol support vote.svg Мувофиқ Дирафши Ковиёнӣ (Баҳс) 21:57، 7 Август 2014 (UTC)

Remove GFDL[вироиши манбаъ]

GFDL is meant for software manuals and it is not good for media because it makes it difficult to re-use the material. Motivated by the the wish of making it easier to re-use files Wikimedia Foundation Board decided in 2009 to stop using GFDL as a sole license per this message. So I suggest that GFDL is removed as a suggested license.

Also the latest version of CC is 4.0. --MGA73 (баҳс) 17:52, 14 апрели 2021 (UTC)[reply]

Added missing word "manuals" above. I know that only admins can upload so there will probably not be uploaded many files but I still think it is a good idea to remove bad licenses from the list. It will not affect the files that are allready uploaded. --MGA73 (баҳс) 15:31, 16 июни 2021 (UTC)[reply]
English Wikipedia have recently decided that GFDL-only is no longer permitted (August 2021). --MGA73 (баҳс) 17:54, 5 августи 2021 (UTC)[reply]