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Гурӯҳ:Legend templates

Мавод аз Википедиа — донишномаи озод
{{Legend}} Displays a legend row with a coloured box...
{{Legend0}} ...which omits <br/>
{{Legend2}} ...which uses a coloured &nbsp; in place of e.g. ██ (a coloured block)
{{Legend inline}} ...which uses display:inline; to avoid line-breaks.
{{Legend3}} Uses an article name and code to produce, for example: Шаблон:Legend3
{{Legend-line}} To include solid or dashed lines.
{{Legend striped}} Displays a legend row with a two-colour box divided diagonally.

Дар ҳоли ҳозир ин гурӯҳ дорои мақола ё парвандаҳо нест.