Мавод аз Википедиа — донишномаи озод

    This user is a bot, owned by en:User:FrancisTyers, the userpage on commons can be found here.

    It scrapes the Picture of the Day in order to include it on the Tajik Wikipedia Main Page.

    Any questions to here

    The bot is named after en:User:Bishonen! :)

    # -*- coding: utf-8  -*-
    import wikipedia
    from datetime import date
    pageName = "Template:Potd/" + date.isoformat(date.today())
    site = wikipedia.getSite()
    page = wikipedia.Page(site, pageName)
    text = page.get()
    #text = page.imagelinks()
    print text
    potd = "{{border|[[Image:" + text + "|right|300px]]}}"
    print potd
    family = 'wikipedia'
    # The language code of the site we're working on.
    mylang = 'tg'
    potdPage = u"Template:Акси имрўза"
    site = wikipedia.getSite(code = "tg", fam = "wikipedia", user = "Bishbot")
    page = wikipedia.Page(site, potdPage)
    potdText = page.get()
    print potdText
    page.put(potd, comment = u"Акси имрўза ... Updating POTD")

    Нишонҳои Ифтихор[вироиш | вироиши манбаъ]

    Бишбот ҷон аз шумо нез барои боло бурдани шумори мақолаҳои Википедиаи Тоҷики Сипосгузорим.Soroush