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Шаблон:Офаридаи афсонаӣ

Мавод аз Википедиа — донишномаи озод
Офаридаи афсонаӣ

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Офаридаи афсонаӣ
{{Infobox mythical creature
|name = Name of creature
|AKA           = Also known as
|image         = Image filename
|image_size    = Image size in pixels
|caption       = Image description
|Mythology     = Mythological background
|Grouping      = Typically [[Cryptid]] or [[Legendary creature]] or [[Urban legend]]
|Sub_Grouping  = The generic category of creature (e.g. [[Lake monster]], [[Fairy]], [[Spirit]], [[Dragon]])
|Parents       = Older mythological legends this creature is descended from
|Country       = Country of origin
|Region        = Region of origin (if a specific country is not applicable)
|Habitat       = Habitat of creature
|First_Reported = First reported sighting
|Last_Reported  = Last reported sighting
|Similar_creatures = Similar mythical creatures

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