Шаблон:Country data Мянма

Мавод аз Википедиа — донишномаи озод

Rather than redirecting {{Country data Myanmar}} to {{Country data Burma}}, the former template transcludes the latter and passes through all parameters. This allows for the displayed name to be either "Burma" or "Myanmar" based on which of the two templates is used. The linked article will be "Burma" in both cases, but changes to "Myanmar" if either data template is called by a sports flag template such as {{fb}} or {{ru}}. The variants from {{Country data Burma}} can be used with both templates.


Template Мянма output Бурма output
{{flag|...}}  Мянма  Бурма
{{flag|...|1974}}  Мянма  Бурма
{{flagcountry|...}}  Мянма  Бурма
{{flagicon|...}} Мянма Бурма
{{bb|...}}  Мянма  Burma
{{fb|...}}  Мянма  Burma

Redirects to Template:Country data Myanmar

Redirects to Template:Country data Burma