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Royal styles of
Infobox French Royalty styles
France moderne.svg
Reference style{{{dipstyle}}}
Spoken style{{{offstyle}}}
Alternative style{{{altstyle}}}
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Blank template[вироиш]

{{Infobox French Royalty styles|kingdom<!--or: old, own, none-->
| name       =
| image      =
| dipstyle   = 
| offstyle   = 
| altstyle   = 


(unnamed first parameter)
(optional) determines which coat of arms image is displayed
kingdom = [[Image:France moderne.svg|50px]][[Image:Navarre Shield.svg|50px]]
old = [[Image:France Ancient.svg|50px]]
own = [[Image:{{{image}}}|{{{imgw|50}}}px|]]
none (or blank) = [[Image:France moderne.svg|50px]]
Name which appears at top of infobox
(if unnamed parameter is own) name of image to be used, must be in format ImageFileName.svg
(if unnamed parameter is own) optional parameter to set image width, defaults to 50, do not include "px"
Reference style (originally labeled: Diplomatic style)
Spoken style (originally labeled: Official spoken style)
(optional) Alternative style (originally labeled: Alternative spoken style)


None (or blank)[вироиш]

Royal styles of
Francis I of France
France moderne.svg
Reference styleHis Most Christian Majesty
Spoken styleYour Most Christian Majesty
Alternative styleMonsieur Le Roi

Francis I of France

{{Infobox French Royalty styles
| name     = Francis I of France
| dipstyle = [[Most Christian Majesty|His Most Christian Majesty]]
| offstyle = Your Most Christian Majesty
| altstyle = Monsieur Le Roi


Royal styles of
Antoine d'Orléans,
Duke of Montpensier
Blason duche fr Orleans (moderne).svg
Reference styleHis Royal Highness
Spoken styleYour Royal Highness
Alternative styleSir

Antoine d'Orléans

{{Infobox French Royalty styles|own
| name     = Antoine d'Orléans,<br/>Duke of Montpensier
| image    = Blason duche fr Orleans (moderne).svg
| dipstyle = [[Royal Highness|His Royal Highness]]
| offstyle = Your Royal Highness
| altstyle = Sir

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