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Шаблон:Infobox Unternehmen

Мавод аз Википедиа — донишномаи озод

This template is a wrapper for {{Infobox company}} and must be substituted ("Subst:").


This template is designed to streamline the transfer of company articles from German Wikipedia to English Wikipedia by minimising the work required to transfer company infobox information. It emulates the German template "Vorlage:Infobox Unternehmen" (which means "Template:Infobox company"), but automatically translates the field names and, in some cases, the data, especially where common words are used. This means that the company infobox can simply be copied across and, with a few minor changes to data, will display in English.

Although it is a wrapper for the English Wikipedia template "Template:Infobox Company" it should not be deleted, since this will entail the laborious translation of every single field and datum when translating German articles.

Template for copying

Should there be a need to set up the template from scratch, you can copy the text below into the article. The "Name" field is required. Blank fields will not be displayed.

{{Subst:Infobox Unternehmen
| Name             = 
| Logo             = 
| Unternehmensform = 
| ISIN             = 
| Gründungsdatum   = 
| Sitz             = 
| Leitung          = 
| Mitarbeiterzahl  = 
| Umsatz           = 
| Bilanzsumme      = 
| Branche          = 
| Auflösungsdatum  = 
| Homepage         = 


Parameter Fieldname (German) Type Description
Name Name mandatory Name in the infobox header. Please enter the name that the firm actually uses itself.
Logo Logo optional Company logo as a link
Legal status Unternehmensform mandatory The legal status of the company e.g. limited company (Aktiengesellschaft)
ISIN ISIN optional The International Securities Identification Number (ISIN) of the company. If the company has no ISIN, then enter "not available". The field will then be blanked out.
Founded Gründungsdatum optional Date – the year is sufficient – of founding
Location Sitz mandatory The location of the company office. For companies with several locations, the location of head office
Leadership Leitung optional The name(s) of the people to whom the leadership of the company is entrusted
Employees Mitarbeiterzahl optional The number of employees who work at the firm. If possible give the year in which this information applied (e.g. Employees = 1,234 (2009)).
Turnover Umsatz optional The firm's turnover. If possible give the year in which this information applied (e. g. Turnover = 1.500.000 EUR (2009)).
Balance sheet total Bilanzsumme Only given for banks Balance sheet total for the firm. If possible give the year in which this information applied. (e. g. Balance sheet total = 25,000,000 EUR (2009)).
Sector Branche optional The branch of industry in which the firm operates.
Liquidated Auflösungsdatum Only if the company no longer exists Date – the year is sufficient – of liquidation/closure/takeover of the company
Homepage Homepage optional Web address of the company