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Usage[вироиши манбаъ]

{{Infobox fictional planet
| name        =
| image       =
| image_size  =
| image_alt   =
| caption     =
| universe    =
| type        =
| locations   =
| moon(s)     =
| continents  =
| oceans      =
| races       =
| people      =
| creator     =
| genre       =
| first       =
| last        =

Parameters[вироиши манбаъ]

Parameter Explanation
name Planet name for display in header bar; defaults to PAGENAME, which may be preferred to keep header a reasonable size.
To set a background color for the name other than the default color (silver). Different colours don't at this point have specific meanings.
colour text
color text
To set a text color for the name other than the default color (black).
image Primary image to illustrate the planet. Do not use a link ( [[ ]] ) or the "Image:" prefix; image is automatically linked and resized to a standardized 250px.
image_size Allows alternate sizing for images smaller than 250px.
image_alt Image alternative text, for visually impaired readers – See Wikipedia:Alternative text for images.
caption A caption explaining the image.
universe Applicable name of book, comic, TV series, film etc. from which the planet is taken, for display in bar under main image and caption. If the fictional universe has its own article (e.g. Whoniverse), use that.
locations Small list of notable locations within this planet.
moon(s) Number of moons this planet has. May be followed by a small list of notable names.
oceans Small list of notable oceans on this planet.
races Small list of notable races who may live on or originate from this planet.
people Small list of notable characters who may live on or originate from this planet.
creator Name of the person who created the planet.
genre Genre of the source material, like Novel, Comic book, Soap opera, or Horror film.

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