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Мавод аз Википедиа — донишномаи озод

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This template is for use on articles about heraldry by country, the articles that appear in this template: {{Heraldry by country}}.


{{Infobox heraldry
|image          = 
|image_size     = 
|caption        = 
|tradition      = 
|jurisdiction   = 
|authority      = 
|officername    = 
|officertitle   = 
|formerofficers =
|formerofficeN  =
|formerofficerN =


The 'naked' filename of the image, e.g. CoatOfArmsOfSomewhere.jpg.
Size for the image, without the "px" e.g. 200. Optional, defaults to 150.
Caption for the image.
Links to the relevant subheading at Heraldry#National styles. Will automatically wikilink to subhead; only the following parameters may be used: German-Nordic, Dutch, Gallo-British, Latin, Central and Eastern European.
Links to geographical area of responsibility. i.e. College of Arms in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.
National heraldic authority, if applicable. Will automatically wikilink. If the target link has had to be disambiguated via brackets, input the name as if you were going to pipe it, but omit the square brackets. E.g. Arms college (Somewheristan){{!}}Somewheristan college of Arms (Note: {{!}} takes the place of a | for piping within a template).
Name of the chief heraldic officer of the country, if applicable. Will wikilink. If used, must include the title of the officer as well.
Title of the chief heraldic officer of the country, if applicable. Will wikilink. May be used independently of the officer name.
Name of previous chief heraldic officers of the country, holding the same office as the current chief.
formeroffice1, formeroffice2, ... formeroffice5
Names of offices previously charged with heraldry
formerofficer1 ... 5
Names of former chief heraldic officers of the country under previous offices. Successive chiefs of the same office should be listed together, separated by <br>.