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Infobox rail service
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This template is designed to supply information on passenger rail services or auto-train services. It is based on Template:Infobox rail line, with parameters altered to suit passenger trains.

Blank syntax[вироиш]

Service type{{{type}}}
First service{{{first}}}
Last service{{{last}}}
Current operator(s){{{operator}}}
Former operator(s){{{formeroperator}}}
Annual ridership{{{ridership2}}}
Distance travelled{{{distance}}}
Average journey time{{{journeytime}}}
Service frequency{{{frequency}}}
Train number(s){{{trainnumber}}}
Line used{{{line_used}}}
On-board services
Disabled access{{{access}}}
Seating arrangements{{{seating}}}
Sleeping arrangements{{{sleeping}}}
Auto-rack arrangements{{{autorack}}}
Catering facilities{{{catering}}}
Observation facilities{{{observation}}}
Entertainment facilities{{{entertainment}}}
Baggage facilities{{{baggage}}}
Other facilities{{{otherfacilities}}}
Rolling stock{{{stock}}}
Track gauge{{{gauge}}}
Operating speed{{{speed}}}
Track owner(s){{{owners}}}
Timetable number(s){{{routenumber}}}
Route map
{{Infobox rail service
| box_width       = 
| name            = 
| logo            = 
| logo_width      = 
| image           = 
| image_width     = 
| caption         = 
| type            = 
| status          = 
| locale          = 
| predecessor     = 
| first           = 
| last            = 
| successor       = 
| operator        = 
| formeroperator  = 
| ridership       = 
| ridership2      = 
| website         = 
| start           = 
| stops           = 
| end             = 
| distance        = 
| journeytime     = 
| frequency       = 
| trainnumber     = 
| line_used       = 
| class           = 
| access          = 
| seating         = 
| sleeping        = 
| autorack        = 
| catering        = 
| observation     = 
| entertainment   = 
| baggage         = 
| otherfacilities = 
| stock           = 
| gauge           = 
| el              = 
| speed           = 
| owners          = 
| routenumber     = 
| map             = 
| map_state       = 


Tranz alpine.jpg
The TranzAlpine skirting the Waimakariri River.
Service typeInter-city rail
LocaleSouth Island, New Zealand
First service22 Ноябр 1987&#059; 33 years ago (1987-11-22)
Current operator(s)Tranz Scenic, a division of KiwiRail
Former operator(s)InterCity Rail (1987–95)
Ridership204,000 (2006 financial year)
Distance travelled223 км (732,000 ft)
Average journey time4 hours, 25 minutes
Service frequencyDaily each way
On-board services
Class(es)Standard class only
Disabled accessRestricted due to age of rolling stock
Seating arrangements
  • Airline style
  • table bay
Catering facilitiesOn-board café
Observation facilities
  • Large windows in all carriages
  • open-air carriage in middle of train
Baggage facilities
  • Overhead racks
  • baggage carriage
Rolling stock
Track gauge1 067 mm (3 ft 6 in)
{{Infobox rail service
| box_width       = 25em
| name            = TranzAlpine
| logo            =
| logo_width      =
| image           = Tranz_alpine.jpg
| image_width     = 300px
| caption         = The TranzAlpine skirting the [[Waimakariri River]].
| type            = [[Inter-city rail]]
| status          = Operating
| locale          = [[South Island]], [[New Zealand]]
| first           = {{Start date and age|1987|11|22|df=y}}
| last            =
| operator        = [[Tranz Scenic]], a division of [[KiwiRail]]
| formeroperator  = [[Tranz Scenic|InterCity Rail]] (1987–95)
| ridership       = 204,000 (2006 financial year)
| website         = {{URL|www.kiwirailscenic.co.nz/tranzalpine/|TranzAlpine}}
| start           = [[Christchurch]]
| stops           = 9
| end             = [[Greymouth]]
| distance        = {{convert|223|km|abbr=on}}
| journeytime     = 4 hours, 25 minutes
| frequency       = Daily each way
| class           = Standard class only
| access          = Restricted due to age of rolling stock
| seating         = {{Hlist|Airline style|table bay}}
| sleeping        =
| autorack        =
| catering        = On-board café
| observation     = {{Hlist|Large windows in all carriages|open-air carriage in middle of train}}
| entertainment   =
| baggage         = {{Hlist|Overhead racks|baggage carriage}}
| otherfacilities =
| stock           = {{Plainlist|
* Two [[NZR DC class]] locomotives
* Nine [[NZR 56-foot carriage]]s
* One NZR 56-foot baggage carriage
* One open-air observation carriage
| gauge           = {{Track gauge|1067mm}}
| el              =
| speed           =
| map             = {{infobox rdt|Midland Line, New Zealand}}
| map_state       = collapsed


Name Parameter Required Definition
Infobox width box_width No Width of infobox, default: 25em; Note: use auto for automatic width
Name name No Name of rail service; default:Article Name
Logo logo No Filename of image for the logo
Logo width logo_width No Size of logo, default: 200px
Image image No Filename of image
Image width image_width No Size of image, default: 250px
Caption caption No Caption of image
Info section
Type type No Type of passenger service (e.g. inter-city, regional, commuter)
Status status No Status of rail service
Locale locale No City or region transit system is located
Predecessor predecessor No The name of the predecessor to the service (e.g. OverlanderSilver Fern)
First service first No Date of the first public service
Last service last No Date of the last public service
Successor successor No The name of the successor to the service
Current operator(s) operator No The name(s) of the current operator(s) of the service (e.g. Amtrak, SNCF, Tranz Scenic)
Former operator(s) predecessor No The name(s) of the former operator(s) of the service (e.g. British Rail, Union Pacific)
Ridership ridership No Service ridership (i.e. average daily, average weekday, average weekly, or average monthly)
Annual ridership ridership2 No Annual service ridership
Website website No Website for service
Route section
Start start No Name of starting terminal station
Stops stops No Number of stations/stops en route
End end No Name of ending terminal station
Distance travelled distance No Distance travelled by the service - use {{convert|x|km|mi|0|abbr=on}} or {{convert|x|km|mi|0|abbr=on}} to allow automatic conversion between kilometres and miles.
Average journey time journeytime No The average journey time of the service
Service frequency frequency No The frequency of the service (e.g. hourly, daily, weekly)
Train number(s) trainnumber No The official train numbers as shown in all employee and some passenger timetables
Line(s) used line_used No The line(s) used by the service
On-board service section
Classes class No
Disables access access No
Seating arrangements seating No
Sleeping arrangements sleeping No
Auto-rack arrangements autorack No
Catering facilities catering No
Observation facilities observation No
Entertainment facilities entertainment No
Baggage facilities baggage No
Other facilities otherfacilities No
Technical section
Rolling stock stock No The type of rolling stock used for the service
Gauge gauge No The track gauge used. Please use {{Track gauge}}.
Electrification el No The voltage and frequency used, if the route is electrified
Operating speed speed No The speed of the service
Track owner(s) owners No The owners of the track on which the service runs, if different to the operator (e.g. Amtrak outside of the Northeast Corridor).
Timetable number(s) routenumber No The Timetable number.
Route map section
Map map No Map of line
Map title map_name No Title of map; default: Route map
Show/hide line map map_state No Shows or hides map. Use show or collapsed