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Мавод аз Википедиа — донишномаи озод

{{Infobox street}} may be used for urban and rural thoroughfares, lanes, alleys, public highways and similar features, including squares/ piazzas (note |area=) and steps/ staircases (note |steps=. For trunk roads, use {{Infobox road}}. For green spaces, consider {{Infobox park}}, which also serves for gardens and suchlike.

All parameters are optional.


{{Infobox street
| name                    = 
| marker_image            = 
| native_name             = 
| native_name_lang        = 
| alternate_name          = 
| image                   = 
| image_size              =
| image_map               =
| caption                 = 
| map_type                =
| latitude                =
| longitude               =
| map_size                =
| map_caption             =
| map_alt                 =
| other_name              = 
| former_names            = 
| part_of                 =
| namesake                = 
| type                    = 
| owner                   =
| maint                   =
| length                  =
| length_m                =
| length_ft               = 
| length_km               = 
| length_mi               = 
| length_ref              = 
| length_notes            =
| width                   = 
| area                    = 
| steps                   = 
| postal_code             = 
| addresses               = 
| location                =
| metro                   =
| coordinates             = 
| direction_a             = 
| terminus_a              = 
| direction_b             = 
| terminus_b              = 
| junction                = 
| main_contractor         =
| cost                    =
| references              =
| commissioning_date      = 
| construction_start_date = 
| completion_date         = 
| inauguration_date       = <!-- {{Start date|YYYY|MM|DD}} -->
| demolition_date         = 
| north                   = 
| east                    = 
| south                   = 
| west                    = 
| designer                =
| known_for               =
| status                  =
| website                 = <!-- {{URL|example.com}} --> 


Route information

  • name: street name to be displayed.
  • marker_image: shield image to be displayed. Requires full wiki markup.
  • native_name: name in local language. If more than one, separate using {{plainlist}}.
  • native_name_lang: ISO 639-2 code e.g. "fr" for French. If more than one, use {{lang}} instead.
  • alternate_name: Use in situations where the entire route has another name.
  • image: image name of a map for the route, without the File: namespace prefix, which the template will place into an image link for you.
    • caption: an optional parameter with text to display along with the image.
  • other_name:
  • former_names:
  • part_of: the route(s) this road is a part of
  • namesake: Person, event or other entity that the feature is named after
  • type:
  • maint: the agency that maintains the street.
  • length_ft or length_m: length of the route in feet (in countries where the imperial system is used) or metres (in countries where the metric system is used). Only one can be used in an article. The value from the one defined is the one that appears first.
  • length_mi or length_km: length of the route in miles (in countries where the imperial system is used) or kilometres (in countries where the metric system is used). Only one can be used in an article instead of length_ft or length_m where the street is longer.
    • length_ref, if defined, appears after the first length. Use a citation for the length or {{citation needed}} here. Be sure that the first length is the one for which you have a reference.
    • length_notes, if defined, appears as a note below the length. This can be used to show former length, or future length, etc.

Major intersections

  • direction_a: the first end of the street being covered. Consult the local wikiproject for any guidance on which to use first. This could be the south or western end, but local guidance may reverse that.
  • terminus_a: this is where the route begins, see the local wikiproject for guidance.
  • direction_b: The opposite of "direction_a"
  • terminus_b: where the route ends, in accordance with the guidelines set forth with terminus_a
  • junction: a list of major junctions. Each WikiProject has different guidelines for major junctions, so consult the relevant WikiProject for more details.


  • commissioning_date: this is the date the route was commissioned.
  • construction_start_date: this is the date that construction was started on the route.
  • completion_date: this is the date that construction was completed on the route.
  • inauguration_date: this is the date that the route was opened; use {{start date}} where possible.
  • demolition_date: date the route was decommissioned


  • known_for: why is the street notable?
  • status: e.g. heritage status, pedestrianised
  • website for official websites; use {{URL}}


  • coordinates: use {{coord}}


The HTML mark up produced by this template includes an hCard microformat, which makes the place-name and location parsable by computers, either acting automatically to catalogue articles across Wikipedia, or via a browser tool operated by a person, to (for example) add the subject to an address book. Within the hCard is a Geo microformat, which additionally makes the coordinates (latitude & longitude) parsable, so that they can be, say, looked up on a map, or downloaded to a GPS unit. For more information about the use of microformats on Wikipedia, please see the microformat project.


If the place or venue has an "established", "founded", "opened" or similar date, use {{start date}} unless the date is before 1583 CE.

If it has a URL, use {{URL}}.

Please do not remove instances of these sub-templates.


hCard uses HTML classes including:

  • adr
  • agent
  • category
  • county-name
  • extended-address
  • fn
  • label
  • locality
  • nickname
  • note
  • org
  • region
  • street-address
  • uid
  • url
  • vcard

Geo is produced by calling {{coord}}, and uses HTML classes:

  • geo
  • latitude
  • longitude

Please do not rename or remove these classes nor collapse nested elements which use them.


When giving coordinates, please use an appropriate level of precision. Do not use {{coord}}'s |name= parameter.

See also

  • {{Infobox road}} – An infobox for use on articles about roads.
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