Шаблон:Japanese year

Мавод аз Википедиа — донишномаи озод

This template converts a year number in the Gregorian calendar into the corresponding era year in the Japanese calendar. It depends on the {{Nengo}}, {{Japanese era}}, and {{Japanese year number}} templates. If the era cannot be determined by the {{Nengo}} template, the output of this template will be blank. If the given year is a transitional year between eras, the new era's year will be given for the entire year, disregarding month and day of the actual transition date.

This template expects the Gregorian year to be passed either using the named year parameter or the first unnamed parameter, i.e. {{Japanese year|year=2006}} or {{Japanese year|2006}}.

Sample output

Wikitext Output
{{Japanese year|476}}
{{Japanese year|1988}} Shōwa 63
{{Japanese year|1989}} Heisei 1
{{Japanese year|2006}} Heisei 18