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{{Numtext|x}} takes in a number, x (|x| ≤ 1.79×10308), in numeral form and returns the number in written form.

parameter function
{{{1}}} This is the number to be spelt out.
{{{case}}} Adding |case=u will make the first letter upper case.
{{{round}}} Adding |round=on will round the number to the nearest one- or two-word integer. |round=down and |round=up are similar but round down and up respectively. Note that the Manual of Style recommends not using more than two words as a general rule.
{{{lk}}} Adding |lk=on will link the words "billion" to "septillion" to their respective short-scale articles/sections. This might be helpful for disambiguation. Note also that individual words can be linked to, e.g. |lk=trillion will link only the word "trillion".
{{{ord}}} Adding |ord=on will give ordinal numbers.
{{{pl}}} Adding |pl=on will give plurals.
{{{adj}}} Adding |adj=on will hyphenate the number (for adjectives).
{{{sp}}} Adding |sp=us will omit the "and" between hundreds and tens or units.

Note that per the MOS the template uses short scale numbers (one billion is one thousand million, one trillion is one million million, etc.).

Auxiliary templates

A list of subtemplates can be found at Category:Subtemplates of Template Numtext.

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