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The primary purpose of this template is for when using {{portal}} would cause formatting problems. This template forms a horizontal bar instead of a vertical, sidebar-like template. Please note that this template does not belong in the "See also" section.

Usage[вироиши манбаъ]

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Border[вироиши манбаъ]

To add the template to a page:

{{Portal bar|Biology|Fungi|Plants|Science}}

No border[вироиши манбаъ]

For a version with no border that can be seen in mobile view:

{{Portal bar|Biology|Fungi|Plants|Science|border=n}}

Error tracking[вироиши манбаъ]

If the template is used incorrectly, the page will be added to a tracking category.

The tracking categories are not applied if any of the following is true:

  1. Tracking is specially disabled for that usage. This is done by setting the optional parameter |tracking= to any the following values: no, n, false
  2. the template is used on a page in any of these namespaces: Talk, User, User talk, Wikipedia talk, File talk, Template talk, Category talk, Portal talk, Draft, Draft talk, Module talk
  3. The title page on which the template is used includes any of the following case-insensitive strings: "/archive", "/doc", "/test"
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TemplateData[вироиши манбаъ]

See also[вироиши манбаъ]