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Here is an overview of the use of the Template:RSIGN for the national code AT /  Австрия.

Country code
(1st parameter)
Road code
(2nd parameter)
Road class Example Standard link Example Remarks
with image no image
( Австрия)
A Autobahn A1 A999 A1 (Austria) {{RSIGN|AT|A|1}}
S Schnellstraße S1 S999 S1 (Austria) {{RSIGN|AT|S|1}}
B Bundesstraße B1 999 Bundesstraße in Austria {{RSIGN|AT|B|1}}
L Landesstraße L1 999 Road system in Austria#Landesstraße L {{RSIGN|AT|L|1}}
E Europastraße E55 E1 European routes 55 {{RSIGN|AT|E|55}}