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This template is for manually adjusting sorting order in sortable tables by specified sortkeys.

  • {{sort | 1 = {{{sort value}}} | 2 = {{{displayed value}}} }}{{{displayed value}}}

The first parameter is the sortkey; the second parameter is the wikitext of what has to be displayed. By default, this is the sortkey with link brackets:

  • {{sort | 1 = {{{displayed value}}} }}[[{{{displayed value}}}]]

A table using this template should use it in all rows.

This template works by placing a hidden sortkey before the visible text. The hiding of the sortkey is achieved through CSS: <span style="display:none" class="sortkey">hidden text</span>. The CSS class allows custom sort scripts to parse and get the sort key, and remove it from the DOM if needed (for some accessibility tools).

|{{sort|Brothers Karamazov|[[The Brothers Karamazov]]}}
Sorting by numerical value, date, etc.

See Help:Sorting#Numerical sorting problems and meta:Help:Sorting#Sort modes

Equal rank

If you simply code as the second parameter an indicator that two items are equally ranked, e.g. "4=", the template interpreter will treat this as an additional parameter (i.e. parameter 4, which it will then not use). You must explicitly code this as parameter 2:


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