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US dict: {{{1}}}

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The USdict template is used for USA dictionary-style pronunciations. It links to a key that is a generic version of the keys used by American dictionaries such as Merriam-Webster, American Heritage, and Random House. However, the IPA is the standard transcription on Wikipedia per WP:pronunciation, so this template should be used in addition to IPA templates, as in the example below, not in place of them.


This code:

A cat ({{IPA-en|ˈkæt}}, {{USdict|kăt}}) is…

will display:

A cat (English pronunciation: [[Алифбои фонетикии байналмилалӣ|/ˈkæt/]], US dict: kăt) is…

To pre-empt the "us dict:" cue, add a pipe after the transcription:


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