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The template {{zwnj}} inserts the code ‌ literally, which produces a ZERO WIDTH NON-JOINER in the rendered wiki-page.


This is a convenience template for the zero-width space character, U+200C zero width non-joiner (HTML ‌⧼dot-separator⧽ ‌).
It is completely invisible in display, but has the effect of acting a non-breaking point at an otherwise non-breaking situation, e.g. within continuous text inside a word that otherwise would possibly break.

Known issue[вироиш]

In some browsers (known: IE 7.0.5730.13) the ZWNJ character shows as a pipe-like symbol, shown here immediately to the left of the comma in the accompanying diagram. Could be in styled heading only. Example from the Wikipedia Village pump (technical) (full discussion)

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