Шаҳрвандии глобалӣ

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Шаҳрвандии глобалӣ - Global citizenship вазифаи шахсест барои эҳтиром ва муҳофизати гирду атроф ва одамон мебошад, ки дар сатҳи глобалӣ фикрронӣ мекунад. Ин ба глобализатсия алоқаманд аст.

In terms of international relations, global citizenship refers to a nation-state's responsibility to act with awareness of the world as a global community, by both recognizing and fulfilling its global obligations, and recognizing the rights of global citizens. Global citizenship is related to the idealist school of thought, that states should include a level of moral goodwill in their foreign policy considerations. Whilst a judgement of 'good' global citizenship is a subjective one, some widely agreed upon examples of cases requiring a level of good global citizenship include the signing of the Kyoto Protocol, and the upholding of the UN Charter for Human Rights. Many states struggle to strike a balance between being a 'good' and 'effective' global citizen.