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This is the subtemplate used to format the data in {{Infobox element}}.

In the infobox:

| data11 = {{Варақаи унсури кимиёӣ/pronunciation|symbol={{{symbol|}}} }}

It is used in each {{Infobox element}}, so it is not suitable to change the appearance for a single element.


The data itself is stored and edited in {{Варақаи унсури кимиёӣ/symbol-to-pronunciation}}. The page has an overview (all elements, all their items).

There are four data items per element:

ipa1, respell1, ipa2, respell2

Example, He: |ipa1={{IPAc-en|ˈ|h|iː|l|i|ə|m}}. Each item can also have references and a textual note.

Presentation design[вироиш]

  • Internally, elements are identified by their symbol.
  • Each element name pronunciation consists of a pair: ipa1, respell1 (=pair1). Some elements have two pronunciation variants, adding pair2.
  • In the infobox, presentation is in this order and form:
  • ipa1 (respell1), or
  • ipa2 (respell2)
So each pair starts at a new line (in an {{unbulleted list}}).
Note that this eliminates the order ipa1, ipa2; respell1, respell2 that some infoboxes had.
  • The view should be OK in mobile view too.

Presentation tests[вироиш]

See {{Варақаи унсури кимиёӣ/pronunciation/testcases}}

See also[вироиш]

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