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{{convert/{{{d}}}|{{{1}}}||{{{3}}}||||||s=|r={{{r}}}|d={{{d}}} |u=lb |n=pound |t=pound (mass) |o=kg |b=0.45359237 |j=-0-0}}


The Template:Convert/lb handles mass conversions with unit-code "lb" for pounds of weight/mass with Template:Convert.

For improper combinations of unit-codes, the template will auto-correct the output unit, for the following unit-codes:

  • km, km2, km3, kn:  will auto-correct as "kg"
  • gal, usgal, qt, usqt:  will auto-correct as "usgalh2o"
  • impgal, impqt:  will auto-correct as "impgalh2o"

The autocorrection will also show a superscript note, such as "[fix unit]" but the result will be a valid equivalent amount.

Invalid cases will link to "Гурӯҳ:Convert dimension mismatch".


{{convert|1|lb}} → 1 pound (0.45 кg)