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2 34 {{{2}}} (5,50 {{{3}}})


{{Convert/scale}} allows a custom scale formula to be used to convert a unit into another unit. The formula used is:

output = round(a × ({{{1}}} + offset) + b, r)

That is, output is calculated by adding parameters {{{1}}} and offset, multiplying the result by parameter a, adding parameter b, then rounding according to parameter r.


The format is:

  • {{convert/scale|10.0|ww|zz|a=6.7|b=0.4|r=3}} → 10.0 ww (67.400 zz)
  • {{convert/scale|4|m|ft|scale=3.28|add=0}}         → 4 m (13.1 ft)

Synonyms for parameter a are f or scale. A synonym for parameter b is add.

The output of the template is the following space-separated group of values:

{{{1}}} {{{2}}} (output {{{3}}})

Non-breaking spaces are the default between values and units, but can be reset by using a leading space or " " or "-" prefix before words.

If parameter sep is present, it replaces the opening parenthesis and there is no closing parenthesis.

The parameters are:

Param Description
1 Amount to convert (can have a fraction, default: 2+3/4)
2 Literal input unit name or symbol (can have prefix "-" or space)
3 Literal output unit name or symbol (or prefix "-" or space)
a or
f or
Scale factor (default: 2.0), to divide by 4, use a=(1/4)
offset Initial offset amount (default: 0.0)
b or add Final shift amount (default: 0.0)
r Number of decimal places in the result. Negative numbers round to nearest multiple of powers of 10 (i.e. -3 rounds to the nearest thousand). i.e., rounding is to the nearest multiple of 10−r. The default value of r is the precision of parameter 1, plus 1.
sep Separator text between input unit & output amount (default: "( )" parentheses)


Wikitext Result
{{Convert/scale |3.5 |ins |outs |a=2 |b=1}} 3,5 ins (8,00 outs)
{{Convert/scale |10.0 |www |zzz |a=6.70 |b=0.5}} 10,0 www (67,50 zzz)
{{Convert/scale |12.0 |[[erg]]s |korts |a=3.85 |offset=-2 |b=0.4}}    12,0ergs (38,90 korts)
{{Convert/scale |1.2 |million m<sup>2</sup> |million ft<sup>2</sup> |a=10.764 |r=0}} 1,2 million m2 (13 million ft2)
{{convert/scale |2|-foot|m|a=(1/3.28) }} 2-foot (0,6 m)
{{convert/scale |345|&#32;kilometres| miles|a=1.6093}} 345 kilometres (555,2 miles)
{{convert/scale |80| miles|km|a=(1/1.6093) }} 80 miles (50 km)

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