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Мавод аз Википедиа — донишномаи озод

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This template, Template:Infobox Burg, is designed to support articles on German, Austrian and Swiss castles (or Burge) that have been translated from German Wikipedia. It works by shimming the German parameters into those used by Template:Infobox military structure, such that all parameters are automatically translated, along with many of the standard data entries. This massively reduces the workload for translators and facilitates the rapid transfer of tabular information from German Wikipedia.

In due course the infoboxes in the individual articles may be substituted by any editor without requiring any knowledge of the German language.

The template is not intended for German palace-castles (Schlösser) or manor houses (Herrenhäuser).

To display the infobox in articles, just copy the original infobox from German Wikipedia. All usable parameters will be automatically translated. Some standard data entries will also be translated; the remainder need to be translated manually. Empty parameters will not be displayed. (Name = has the same effect as a missing parameter Name).

{{subst:Infobox Burg
|Name = 
|Bild = 
|Bildbeschreibung = 
|Alternativname = 
|Entstehungszeit = 
|Typologie n. geo. Lage = 
|Erhaltungszustand = 
|Ständische Stellung = 
|Mauerwerksmerkmale = 
|Heutiger Ortsname = 
|Breitengrad = 
|Längengrad = 
|Unauffindbar = 
|Region-ISO = 
|Poskarte = 
|Höhenordinate = 
|Höhe-Bezug = 


Parameter English meaning Explanation Classification
Name Name Name in the title of the infobox, usually the name of the article. If left blank it will display the article name. Can be used in order to get rid of any suffix in the title.
Alternativname Alternative name The historic name of the castle.
Also modern alternative names, where they are commonly used in authoritative sources.
Bild Image Name of the image file.

Landscape images work better than upright ones and should therefore be preferred.
Images that give an overall view should be used in preference to detailed images.

Bildbeschreibung Caption The text which appears under the image.

It makes sense to give the orientation of the image (from the north, north wall, …), the location it was taken from (seen from xxx), time of year, if relevant. At a minimum this information should be covered in detail in the image file itself.

Entstehungszeit Built The earliest known existence of the castle based on written or archaeological evidence.

Tip: the true date of construction may be much older than when it was first mentioned in the records. An exact date of construction does not have to be known, relative or only estimated dates (e. g. "probably in the 12th century", "before 1236") should be respected.
If the date in the infobox is the first written record the prefix "first recorded in" should be added (e. g. "First recorded in 1246").

Typologie n. geo. Lage Type Type of castle

Tip: The following types of castle are considered as a lowland castle (Niederungsburg).

if necessary also Kammlage; Spornlage; Talhanglage; Talrandlage; Tallage;

Erhaltungszustand Condition Current condition.
  • Preserved or mainly preserved (Erhalten oder wesentliche Teile erhalten)
  • Ruins (Ruine)
  • Wall remains, rubble, moats, ramparts, remains in more recent parts (Mauerreste, Schutt, Gräben, Wälle, Reste in neueren Teilen)
  • Moats, ramparts, traces of building on rocks (Gräben, Wälle, Bauwerkspuren an Felsen)
  • Earthworks (Erdwerk)

if necessary also Castle site (Burgstall).

Ständische Stellung Occupants In cases of major importance for the history of the castle the reigning title of the occupant is given.
  • Nobility (Adel)
    • Greater nobles (dukes, princes, counts, ...) (Hoher Adel (Herzöge, Fürsten, Grafen, ...))
    • Lesser nobles (barons, knights, ...) (Niederer Adel (Freiherren, Ritter, ...))
    • Ministeriales (unfree knights) (Ministerialadel)
  • Clergy (bishops, ...) (Klerus (Bischöfe, ...))
  • Citizens (Bürger)
Mauerwerksmerkmale Type of construction In the sense of wall construction Stone construction:

Wood construction:

Heutiger Ortsname Present location name Name of the nearest present-day settlement. Does not have to agree with the castle name.
Flächenkoordinaten Area dimensions Area coordinates based on the Wikipedia scheme (deprecated). By the conversion to Template:Coord, area coordinates are replaced by Breitengrad, Längengrad and Region-ISO. {{coord|00|00|00.00|N|00|00|00.00|O|type:landmark_region:rr}}
Breitengrad und Längengrad Latitude and longitude The WGS84 coordinates for the castle. See also Template:Coord.
Unauffindbar Not locatable Allocating this parameter as desierd underlines the coordinate display and hence the request for castles that are not locatable. It should only be used, if no geo-reference is possible with current information.
Region-ISO ISO region The ISO-3166-1 code or ISO-3166-2 code for the castle. For castles that lie on the border of two regions, the value can consist of several ISO Codes, these are then separated by a "/". e. g. AT-7/DE-BY for a castle on the Tyrolean-Bavarian border in Germany. See also Template:Coord#region:R.

The position map is derived from the first mentioned of multiple-ISO codes. So the order of ISO codes is relevant for that.

Poskarte Position map The name of an alternative position map. If the fields Breitengrad and Längengrad are filled in, the standard position map based on Region-ISO can be overwritten. With the special value none the display of a position map can be suppressed.
Höhenordinate Height Heights are given as a number without the thousand separator, i.e. 4321. The formatting with thousand separators, i.e. 4,321 is done by the template. Values with figures after the decimal place must be given with a decimal point, i.e. 1234.5 in order to display 1,234.5.
Höhe-Bezug Height reference Entry of the height reference system on which the height is based
  • in Germany
    • "DE-NN" for m above NN (old)
    • "DE-NHN" for m above NHN (new)
    • "DE-HN" for m above HN (East Germany)
  • in Austria: "AT" for m AA
  • in Switzerland: "CH" for m AM
  • Other values under Template:Höhe.

If the height reference system is not known, do not enter a parameter! Then it will automatically display "m" (for metres). The values "m" and "metres" are counter-productive and should be left out.


In this example all parameters (apart from "Unauffindbar") are filled in so that a full picture of the infobox can be seen.

{{Infobox Burg
|Name = Dingsda Castle
|Bild = Burg.svg
|Bildbeschreibung = Dingsda Castle – north facade seen from village (Jan 2012)
|Alternativname = Blabla Castle
|Entstehungszeit = around 1413
|Typologie n. geo. Lage = Wasserburg
|Erhaltungszustand = Ruine
|Ständische Stellung = Test
|Mauerwerksmerkmale = Quader
|Heutiger Ortsname = Dingsda
|Breitengrad = 53/26/7/N
|Längengrad = 7/4/8/W
|Region-ISO = DE-NI
|Poskarte =
|Höhenordinate = 777
|Höhe-Bezug = DE-NN

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