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Infobox occupation

An occupation infobox may be used to summarize information about a particular occupation, trade, profession, job or employment. The infobox should be added using the {{Infobox occupation}} template, as shown below:

{{Infobox occupation
| name               = 
| image              = <!-- [[File:Architect.png|300px]] -->
| caption            = 
| official_names     = 
| type               = 
| activity_sector    = 
| competencies       = 
| formation          = 
| employment_field   =
| related_occupation = 

General parameters:

  • name – the formal name of the occupation. Can be {{PAGENAME}}.
  • imageoptional – an image of the occupation. The image must be given in the form [[File:Example.jpg|300px]]; in particular, the thumb attribute must not be selected.
  • captionoptional – the text to be placed below the image.
  • official_namesoptional – the names or synonyms for the particular occupation, including the principal name (which can be {{PAGENAME}}).
  • typeoptional – the type of occupation (e.g. "profession", "employment", "vocation", "performing arts", "military", etc.).
  • activity_sectoroptional – the main activity sectors of the occupation (e.g. "management", "science", "laboratory", "circus", "government", "show business", etc.).
  • competenciesoptional – competencies and qualities required.
  • formationoptional – formation and education necessary.
  • employment_fieldoptional – fields of employment and places we can encounter someone with the occupation.
  • related_occupationoptional – related occupations.