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Акс:UTorrent 474.pngScreenshot of µTorrent
Навъ BitTorrent клиент
Тавсеъадиҳанда Ludvig "ludde" Strigeus
Навишташуда дар C++
Системомил Microsoft Windows
Нахустин нусха 18 сентябр 2005
Охирин нусха
Иҷозатнома Freeware
Вебгоҳ www.utorrent.com

µTorrent (боз бо номи uTorrent машҳур аст) клиенти BitTorrent барномаи ройгон (freeware) дар ҳоли ҳозир фақат барои Microsoft Windows only (although it does run on Wine and Cedega for non-Windows users). The entire program is a single 170 KiB compressed executable (as of version 1.6, Июли 2006). It was designed to use as little of a computer's resources as possible while offering functionality equivalent to the most popular, full-featured clients, such as Azureus or BitComet. Its title is frequently abbreviated as "µT" or "uT" (as it is difficult to type the Greek character µ using many keyboard layouts).

µTorrent дар C++ навишта шудааст.

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