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{{country data {{{1}}}|flagright/core/sandbox|variant=|size=|name=}}

Documentation[вироиши манбаъ]

This template works like the {{Flagcountry}} template, but displays the flag on the right side of the country name.

The template can display every country/territory with a "Country data ..." template, and abbreviations are also possible:

Wikicode Result
{{flagright|India}} Ҳиндустон 
{{flagright|GUY}} Гайана 
{{flagright|USSR}} Иттиҳоди Шӯравӣ 
{{flagright|Bermuda}} Ҷазираҳои Бермуд 

Other parameters:

Wikicode Result
{{flagright|Myanmar|variant=1974}} Мянма [[File:{{{flag alias-1974}}}|23x15px|border |alt=|link=]]
{{flagright|Australia|variant=naval}} Австралия 
{{flagright|France|size=40px}} Фаронса 
{{flagright|Côte d'Ivoire|name=Ivory Coast}} Ivory Coast